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Take Up Your Serpents: Salvation on Sand Mountain

Several years ago, my father bought a stack of books from his favorite bookstore in Oxford, Mississippi. This was not unusual — the number of books nor a whole afternoon spent with coffee on the second floor of this store in late July. We had vacationed in the area before. Something about the slowness of each day, an un-pinnable calmness, and streets lined with magnolias and front-porched houses caused Oxford to become my ideal picture of the South.

Eating is a Delight: Lessons from The Supper of the Lamb

I’ve always been the type of person who goes to bed thinking about what to have for breakfast. During college, my roommates and I referred to coffee as our “prize” for waking up in the morning. My sharpest memories are brought into focus by flavors and smells: salty cacio e pepe pasta on a trip to Rome, the street tacos we ate at our wedding, the layered lemon cake my mom baked for my birthday each year.