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Women With Wit: 6 Ladies Changing Comedy

I remember as a pre-teen falling victim to the lie that…well, women just weren’t that funny. The boys at camp always got the most laughs on skit night (even though they mostly just dressed as girls). Funny YouTube sensations always seemed to be those cute, over-confident guys hurting themselves (or, once again, imitating women).

Hope, Pixelated: Children's Films for the Culture Critic's Soul

As an English major and former English teacher, I’m pretty attuned to the theme in a story. Whether it’s a book or a movie, I’m almost always composing a literary analysis in my head, and some of the films I’ve been the most thematically moved by have been movies for “kids.” Like kids themselves, I think kids’ movies can more easily remind us of the basic, beautiful truths about being alive.

Hope Talks: Four Social Media Activists to Friend and Follow

Hope is a transforming power that takes root in the mind and grows into restorative action. It can take the darkness and teach it light. It’s real and potent, and I can totally vibe with that. But we all need help in learning how to cultivate this mindset. We need help believing that there can be joy here and now. So, it’s important to learn from people who are passionate about these same ideas too, people who are actively infusing them into their lives and work--examples, really.

Upwrite's Gift Guide 2016

We love giving presents around here. So much so that both of us could probably exhaust our meager bank accounts each time a gift-giving occasion rolls around (and trust us, our definition of “gift-giving occasion” is quite liberal). 

Hope Index, Vol 13: Three Months & Counting

Three months. A trimester, if you will. That’s how long this little mag of ours has been up and running, and man, we’re both pretty astonished and very thankful. To celebrate Upwrite’s short (but rich!) life, we’re excited to highlight five writers who, in graciously lending us their voices, have reminded us what Upwrite is all about, and why we’re here peddling an online magazine to begin with.

Hope Index, Vol. 9: Across the Universe

Happy Friday & welcome to Hope Index, our weekly roundup of things on the Internet that made us think, feel, and desire (Amazon wishlists excluded). This week's theme touches on one of our endless fascinations here at the magazine: the question of how our stories reach us as complete, each one a constellation that connects us with one another other across the universe of our individual understanding.

Hope Index Vol. 8: Personal Authenticity and Media Anesthesia

Welcome back to Hope Index, our weekly round-up of stuff online that won't make your brain go dark. This week we detoured into musings on the nature of reading, the ethics of choosing what to know, and the smug-faced perfection of Charles Wright's answers in an interview. Pretend you're in an Instagram picture with clean sheets, knee socks, and a white mug while you read on. 

Hope Index, Vol. 4: Laughter & Criticism

Thankful to all of you for making it another week of soul-stirring, hope-renewing enthusiasm thanks to our community at Upwrite. I've rounded up some links: mundane, hilarious, thoughtful; all related to the literary community at large, as well as a speech about hope that we could probably all use after that RNC apocalypse. 

5 Writers Lighting Up the Internet

I always tell other writers I learned how to write by reading: from novels to the newspaper, we as writers constantly consume other content and voices that fuel our own. We build our own writing quirks over time, brick on brick, as we take mental (and sometimes physical) note of what glistens on the pages.