Keep Me Where the Hope Is: Resources Harvesting Hope on the Internet

Keep Me Where the Hope Is: Resources Harvesting Hope on the Internet

Here at Upwrite, we talk a big game about transforming the internet into a place where cultivation is the norm and consumption is secondary. Recently we've seen an encouraging uptick in content that's similarly minded: other places and people investing in hope and choosing to empower their audience instead of baiting it. Below are just some of the sites and sounds we've been appreciating over the past few weeks. Could this mean we are on the cusp of an Internet renaissance? We are ready for our miracle

Harbor Media: Building on the trend of examining a larger social issue through the lens of a single story, Harbor Media's premier episode of their new podcast "The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea" works brilliantly to highlight the function of grace in a cynical culture. We will be paying close attention to Harbor Media as they continue releasing episodes of "...Deep Blue Sea" as well as gear up to launch a second podcast later this month on faith in the secular workplace, titled "Cultivated."

On Being: This well-established multimedia project features interviews with the likes of David Brooks, Mary Karr, and EJ Dionne and it. is. lit. Humor as a function of humanity, metaphysical politics, and moral law are just some of the topics these interviews seek to cover with wisdom and whimsy. Layered and thoughtful. We are addicted. Please listen!

The Curator: Maybe we are biased since we've both worked with editor Adam Joyce (his developmental editing skills are well-considered, kind, and always on point) to publish pieces on this site, but The Curator's consistent delivery of high-quality, intelligent essays on cultural observation is second to none. Featuring poets like Lauren Elrick ((fire emoji)) and interviews by DL Mayfield with Aaron Weiss, frontman of mewithoutyou, it's a place where all of our favorite things collide again and again. And it reads so good. 

Image Journal: A place to discover and rediscover poets, essayists, and fiction writers alike, we find ourselves continually drawn to this site for inspiration. There's faith-based fare and heady musings from the hearts of a spiritual wanderer or two, as well as sweet-to-the-taste-but-never-saccharine reflections on "special topics." The breadth of understanding and diversity of contributors to Image ensure it's always refreshing, plus there's unique angles (wouldn't call them #hot #takes) on everything from Kurt Vonnegut to "purple politics."  

Ruminate Magazine: A wholesome literary magazine that never feels multi-grain, we resonate with the mission of Ruminate to awaken hearts and slow down our rate of consumption. Submission powered and non-profit funded, Ruminate welcomes mystery, encourages inclusion, and demands high quality in all of the work the magazine chooses to publish. We'd be remiss if we didn't admit that we've already been meagerly inspired by their approach to art and literature. Carry on, good folks. 

If that wasn't enough hope for you, you obviously need to watch the video for Chance the Rapper's new single, "How Great" and maybe read the lyrics more slowly this time.

Are there individuals or publications out there doing the good work that you think we should know about? We'd love to know! Hit us up with some inspirational reading assignments in the comments! 


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