Hope Starts Here: On Love and Legislation

If you’ve had your head stuck in the sand lately (and perhaps voluntarily), you may have missed a lot of recent happenings in the news. It almost seems as if the world is imploding every single day. People are getting fired, legislation is/is not passing, Russia is involved, everyone is mad at everyone. It’s a hot mess out there, people.

Eat, Drink, and Be Well-Read: Food Pairings for Literature

I’ve always believed that the best way to get to know someone is to know their favorite books and their last meal. By “last meal”, I mean that slightly dark question of, “If this were your last night on earth, what you want the last thing you ate to be?” I think there is something so telling about the answers to these two questions.  As C.S. Lewis said, “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably”, and I concur.

Women With Wit: 6 Ladies Changing Comedy

I remember as a pre-teen falling victim to the lie that…well, women just weren’t that funny. The boys at camp always got the most laughs on skit night (even though they mostly just dressed as girls). Funny YouTube sensations always seemed to be those cute, over-confident guys hurting themselves (or, once again, imitating women).

How to Really Love a Mom in Your Life

When I was in college, I acquired the nickname “Mama Megs,” and it stuck. Maybe it was my propensity for oldest-child-syndrome-bossiness or my ability to wrangle up a gaggle of silly ladies as we tried to get out the door for dinner. Perhaps it was my love of baking, or maybe even my height (I’m tall, so if you need a hug that makes you feel like a tiny, tiny child, bring it in). Whatever the case, this weird little nickname has become a sort of prophetic word over my life.

Stay With Your Loneliness: Field Notes on Sobriety

Around a decade ago, a special kind of “bad day” chewed me up and spit me out into a corner to cry. It was a 5% self pity, 95% yes-that-really-happened kind of day. While the events themselves are irrelevant, something changed, particularly my relationship with alcohol and other forms of quick, convenient escape from sadness and pain.

River Garden: A Poem

In the early evening, a Korean grandmother
works alone in her garden by the river.
She sits low to the earth, hunched over like a bright purple cushion,
planting vegetables and picking weeds.

"Big Little Lies" and the Heart of Womanhood

Being a woman is complicated--just ask the women of HBO's series Big Little Lies. Set in gorgeous Monterey, California, the show's setting plays a large part in developing the narrative. The crashing waves and rising tides that lie just outside the women’s enormous glass houses testify to the waves of emotion and drama that sweep through both the women and their audience. 

In Defense of Verbing

What would you do if I returned from a weekend unplugged and said, “I’m so happy to be oned with my iPhone again?” Or if I came back from a wedding and remarked, “The oneing of Josh and Julie was beautiful?”

Meaningful Life in Tedious Brevity: The Intricate Message of "S-Town"

Eds. note: The following contains spoilers for the recently released NPR podcast, "S-Town" 

There was already no doubt in my mind that Woodstock, Alabama was as much of an "S-Town" as John claimed it was at the start of the podcast. Since the election, I’d been trying to educate myself more on the Poor White American, and it seemed as though S-Town was going to dive right into the heart of the “beast” (yes, my Northern bias is showing).

An Open Letter to Social Media

Dear Social Media,

I have a love/hate relationship with you. Let me explain. 

You’ve given me a lot of good things. One of your earliest spawn taught me how to code before I even knew what coding was, because a Myspace profile that didn’t automatically blast a Nelly chart-topper through my visitors’ speakers wasn’t a Myspace profile worth having. 

Dear Future Feminist

Dear future feminist,

I’m writing you this letter because, first of all, I love you. You are my daughter, my sister, my neighbor, and my friend. You are (quite literally) the future of the human race. Secondly, you’re pretty B.A. And if that’s not a thing anymore, then you’re whatever the words for “on fleek,” “woke,” and “lit” are combined. Because you’re a woman, yes, but also because you’re a unique, gifted and vibrant person created on purpose with a purpose.

In Defense of Fantasy

The sky cracks an eyelid and yellow sunbeams flood the surface of the earth. Standing on a hill above my house, the sunlight glitters, yellow gold over a sea of rolling green hills and I breathe in the cold air. It’s Middle Earth all around me and my heart finds the place that is both home and not home, familiar and yet brand new. At times like this, I pity the mortals who have never read about Smaug in all his fearsome glory, who never heard of the Ents, and who walk through the world seeing everything as ordinary, while I stand and breath in magic.

In Defense of Punctuation

Because I like to waste my time, I recently took an “OCD test” from a link on Facebook. I scored 100%. The test confidently explained that I “have a killer eye for spotting the tiniest, most invisible inaccuracies, errors, and mistakes” and that “it’s very important to [me] to correct them.” (It said it’s okay, though--I just need to “give myself a break sometimes.”)

Game Night with the Enneagrams


ZELDA (2) is wearing an apron and is pinballing from kitchen to parlor. She puts finishing touches on decorations and fills up the beverage dispenser with sparkling water.

GARY (6) triple-checks the internal temperatures of the poultry-based finger foods. He hears a car pull into their driveway. 6ARY peeks through the window, straining for a view of the approaching stranger. He fiddles his ironic mustache.

Dear Hiring Manager: An Honest Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

Hey! Thanks for posting this job that looks interesting. How many of these letters have you received so far? I’m just curious. Am I number 152 or 291? I’ll be honest and say that I do indeed want this job, but then again, I’m guessing all of the other people who have written you say that, too. I promise you I’m telling you the truth, though, and that I actually want to work here

The Life-Giving Fruit of 'Me Too'

Loneliness: the often-ignored, raw feeling in the pit of my stomach; the unreasonable fear when I wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning and my heart beats out a staccato of fear while my night, my day, my life yawns ahead of me, empty and terrifying. Loneliness visits me with tiny needles of disappointment as I scroll through social media and feel left out. It trickles through my brain while I go on with my life and only rarely do I respond with the soul-cry: Please. I don’t want to be alone.